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Founder, Director - Konrad Tomasz Maslanek

Founded in 2020, the charity platformย HERPETOLOGIE CONSERVATION FUNDย was established to fundraise and advocate for wildlife conservation.

Konrad Maslanek, also the founder ofย Rule Of The Wild Clothing Company, drew inspiration from a powerful belief:ย unity. Hereโ€™s how this belief shaped the brandโ€™s mission:

  1. Unity for Conservation:

    • Konrad recognized thatย conservationย relies on collective efforts. Just as animals in the wild depend on their communities, so does the success of conservation initiatives.
    • He understood that when people work together, remarkable things can be achieved.
  2. The Role of Communities:

    • Communitiesย play a pivotal role in safeguarding wildlife and their habitats. By choosing to serve conservation, they become essential partners.
    • Konradโ€™s vision was clear:ย working togetherย leads to tangible results.
  3. Rule Of The Wildโ€™s Purpose:

    • Rule Of The Wild Clothing Company was established not only to create stylish products but also to raiseย fundingย andย awarenessย for animals.
    • Each product represents a specific animal, and a portion of the profits (up to 15%) isย donatedย to organizations that share the same platform.
  4. Powered by HCF:

    • Rule Of The Wild is powered byย HCF, aย wildlife charity. HCF is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization registered in the State of Michigan.
    • Together, they strive to save wildlife by promoting unity, creativity, and fundraising.

In summary, Konrad Maslanekโ€™s inspiration for Rule Of The Wild lies in the belief that collective action can make a difference. By combining fashion, wildlife, and philanthropy, the brand advocates for the welfare of animals and encourages us all to be part of the solution. ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘•

For more information, you can visit theย Rule Of The Wild website


Konrad Maslanekย is a multifaceted entrepreneur and professional with diverse interests and expertise. Letโ€™s explore some aspects of his background:

  1. Founder of Rule Of The Wild Clothing Company:

    • Konrad Maslanek is the founder of theย Rule Of The Wild Clothing Company. This venture likely combines his passion for wildlife and fashion.
    • The companyโ€™s mission may involve creating clothing that celebrates nature, wildlife, and conservation.
  2. Entrepreneur and Talent Acquisition Specialist:

    • Konradโ€™s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond clothing and wildlife. He likely engages in various business ventures.
    • As a talent acquisition specialist, he may help organizations find and retain top talent.
  3. Animal Behaviorist and Art Broker:

    • His expertise as an animal behaviorist suggests a deep understanding of wildlife behavior and ecology.
    • As an art broker, he may connect artists and collectors, bridging the gap between creativity and commerce.
  4. Active Online Presence:

    • Konrad shares insights, victories, and experiences on social media platforms.
    • He engages with the community, celebrates achievements, and offers advice.

Konrad Tomasz Maslanekย is deeply committed to wildlife conservation and focuses on several species and initiatives:

  1. Pallasโ€™s Cat:

    • Konrad leads theย conservation and research projectย titled โ€œStatus and Conservation of Pallasโ€™s Cat in the Central Mongolian Steppe.โ€
    • This project conducted in partnership with the Mongolian Academy of Science and Southern Illinois University, aims to protect this elusive and endangered feline species in Toy, Mongolia.

  2. Snow Leopard:

    • Konrad actively contributes to a research project inย western Mongoliaย to estimateย snow leopard densityย and occupancy.
  3. Lions and Large Mammals in Namibia:

    • Konradโ€™s work extends to studying theย ecology and conservationย ofย lionsย and other large mammals inย Namibia.
    • Human activities often intersect with wildlife, leading to conflicts.
  4. Human-Forest Elephant Conflict Mitigation:

    • In theย Congolese equatorial forest,ย a team focuses on mitigating conflicts between humans andย forest elephants.
  5. Other Threatened and Lesser-Known Species:

    • Konradโ€™s overarching goal is toย conserve threatened and less known speciesย and restore their ecosystems.

Konradโ€™s dedication to wildlife spans across various species, making a positive impact on our planetโ€™s biodiversity. ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿพ



    • Konrad foundedย HERPETOLOGIE LLCย inย September 2020.
    • Thisย charity platformย is dedicated toย wildlife conservationย and aims to raise funds and advocate for animals.
  2. Rule Of The Wild Clothing Company:

    • Konrad established theย Rule Of The Wild Clothing Companyย inย July 2021.
    • Through this brand, he combinesย fashionย withย wildlife conservation.
    • Each product represents a specific animal, and the brandโ€™s mission is to support wildlife causes.
  3. Earlier Experience:

    • Before venturing into his own businesses, Konrad gained insights while working in theย pet tradeย aroundย 2010.
    • His experiences during that time led him to pursue a career aligned with his passion for animals and conservation.