Our Dolphin Campaign

Our Dolphin Campaign



The Dolphin Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare and protection of dolphins worldwide. Here are some key points about the Dolphin Project:

  1. Founding and Purpose:

    • Founded by Richard (Ric) O’Barry on Earth Day, April 22, 1970, the organization aims to educate the public about captivity and, where feasible, retire and/or release captive dolphins
    • Their mission is to protect dolphins from exploitation, captivity, and environmental threats.
  2. Campaigns and Initiatives:

    • Captivity Industry: The Dolphin Project works to raise awareness about the harmful effects of keeping dolphins in captivity for entertainment purposes.
    • Dolphin Sanctuary Project: They advocate for the establishment of sanctuaries where captive dolphins can live in more natural environments.
    • Taiji Japan “The Cove”: The organization actively opposes the annual dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan, documented in the film “The Cove.”
    • Solomon Islands and Indonesia: The Dolphin Project collaborates with local communities to protect dolphins and their habitats
  3. Recent Achievements:

    • Positive Achievements in Bali: In the first three months of 2024, they achieved significant progress at the Umah Lumba Center in Bali, Indonesia.
    • Mexico’s Captive Dolphins Need Your Help: The organization advocates for the welfare of captive dolphins in Mexico.
    • Whale Deaths at Marineland: The Dolphin Project raises awareness about the deaths of beluga whales at Marineland, Canada
  4. Contact Information:

    • Address: 171 Pier Ave. #234, Santa Monica, CA 90405
    • Phone Number: (310) 923-2185

Remember, protecting dolphins is essential for maintaining healthy marine ecosystems! 🐬🌊