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Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary is a reptile rescue facility located in Athens, Michigan. It provides a safe haven and proper care for reptiles and amphibians, allowing them to live out their lives securely. Here are some key details about the sanctuary:


  1. Mission and Purpose:

  2. Founder and Vision:

    • David Critchlow, the founder, envisioned creating an Alligator Sanctuary that would attract reptile and amphibian enthusiasts while also providing a safe haven for domesticated reptiles.
    • His goal was to establish a hands-on and up-close opportunity for people to observe animals in a semi-natural environment.
    • The sanctuary emphasizes Crocodilians, including alligators, as a focal point2.
  3. Animal Residents:

  4. Visiting the Sanctuary:

  5. Location and Contact Information:

    • Address: 1698 M-66, Athens, MI 49011
    • Phone Number: (269) 729-4802
    • If you’re interested in reptiles and want to learn more, consider paying a visit to this unique sanctuary! 🐊🌿52


Feel free to explore the sanctuary and discover the fascinating world of reptiles! 🐍🦎

1698 M 66, Athens, MI 49011