CHEAT CODE: Netflix&Woke

CHEAT CODE: Netflix&Woke

Konrad here,

It's cold and sad outside so I figured, Movie night!

Since I always come off as a hot mess and a mad scientist, let's take a look at some key elements from FILM. So, that being said, here are FIVE of my all-time favorite movies for you to watch, to help you better understand the platform.

Yes, I just did that. 

First on the list we have Mr Popper's Penguins. This film first debuted in theaters June 17th, 2017 with an above average rating, earning 6.4 million USD the first day, and over 18 million USD by the time viewers really got out to see it. The film features Jim Carrey reprising the role as Mr Popper. The movie is an adaptation of a book written by Richard Atwater. The book had two film adaptations with this version being my favorite. It really sheds light on the captive world and the legalities that go into exotic animals in the trade.


One of my favorite movies while growing up.
Two Brothers, also known under the French name Deux Freres, was first released in France on the 7th of April, way back in 2004. Soon to be released in the United States June 12th of that same year. The movie highlighted the exploits of wildlife in Cambodia. Two tigers, who were brothers, are separated while very young after the killing of their parents during an excavation. The film follows their exploits as one is traded into entertainment, and the other merely surviving on its own. Very key plot points reveal political standings between parties.
Our next on the list has Sigourney Weaver portraying the even more admirable Dian Fossey in Gorillas In The Mist. Dian Fossey's story lives on in this movie based on the events that took place throughout her life. Dian was essentially stranded in the Congo with little to no resources and the commitment to studying the infamous mountain gorillas. 
Dian set an unprecedented effort against poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking to prevent it. She put herself in harm's way to uphold her own beliefs regarding the political standings in that Region, and the welfare of their wildlife. Dian was a hero to many.
The next two on my list are far more complex, dive into our harsh reality today, and even exposes a lot of where we as a whole went wrong with our commercial exploits. Virunga takes place in the Congo, Africa and Seaspiracy highlights Taiji, Japan taking you on one wild ride as the viewer. When you talk about where these animals come from before they wound up in captivity in the United States, you can't help but wonder how their distant relatives are doing in their natural habitat. These movies shed light on the exploits of those animals in the wild and the communities that serve to protect them. They really need our help, you guys. Both of these documentaries are available on Netflix for streaming.

When I said you can play catch up in my last entry, I meant it. Catch up. Do it. 





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